Are you looking for elegant lighting? Discover our brass lights

Why a brass lamp? You are probably familiar with the following situation: You have found your dream apartment and have taken great care in selecting the furniture and colours. However, the cozy atmosphere does not really want to set in yet. It’s mostly because of the light.

A stylish and noble ambience thanks to our brass lights

Brass has always been popular with lighting manufacturers. It is a stable material, shiny gold and can be beautifully decorated. With a brass light, you can conjure up a stylish and noble ambience in your living room. Our brass lights stand for a lifetime of use. We manufacture our brass lights in many different surfaces:

  • Mp – Solid brass polished, unlacquered
  • Ms – Solid brass polished, lacquered
  • Mt – Solid brass matt brushed, lacquered
  • Ni – Solid brass, nickel-plated
  • Nm – Solid brass nickel-plated, matt brushed
  • Cr – Solid brass, chrome-plated – our toughest surface
  • Cu – Solid brass copper-plated, lacquered
  • Cm – Solid brass copper-plated, matt brushed, lacquered
  • Br – Solid brass bronzed, lacquered
  • Bd – Solid brass dark-bronzed, lacquered
  • Individually according to RAL card.

Our brass lights impress with their high quality

No matter whether you are looking for a ceiling light, wall light or a room spotlight. Anyone who chooses our brass lights in a sophisticated design will not regret it. We guarantee high quality for a lifetime of use. We also offer you the opportunity to refurbish your brass lamp. Even after years.

The brass surface is polished in five complex steps. It is then traditionally protected with a clear coat. However, this paint has the disadvantage that it becomes less attractive much faster than the brass itself. For this reason, we also offer our brass lights unpainted. With the commercially available metal polish, unpainted metal can be quickly regenerated. So your brass lamp always shines in full splendor.

You can find more models on the respective subpages of the collections:

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