Hand-sawing with a circular saw is one of the typical methods of work employed by a brass ornament maker. No other metalworking trade takes this liberty. Similar to the cabinetmaker, the brass ornament maker thus requires a feel for the material to cut it to size.


Hard soldering is the most important joining method employed by the brass ornament maker. An alloy containing up to 60 % silver is melted into the carefully prepared joint. Owing to extensive aftertreatment, the seam remains practically invisible.


Polishing requires many years of experience. Not only is it a physically demanding job, it also requires a very sensitive approach to the workpiece.


Design meets here with functionality, usefulness and competent craftmanship.

Every light is almost a uniquely handcrafted product and designed for longevity.
Precision and aesthetics are sustainably implemented in the VS Manufaktur.

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