Ceiling lights: something for every taste

Indirect ceiling lighting usually has an inconspicuous appearance, but sets stylish spatial accents. Create different islands of light in your living space. With special light accents, indirect ceiling lighting creates different moods for the viewer.

Large selection of ceiling lights at VS Manufaktur

An apartment without lighting? Inconceivably! A must for rooms are lamps and lights. Functional lighting is not the only priority here. It is also about conjuring up a cozy atmosphere in our home. With our indirect ceiling lighting, you convey warmth and a pleasant light. Indirect ceiling lighting can be used universally. For example, your bedroom is a place of rest. You want to relax there and therefore the bedroom should not be dominated by direct light sources. Indirect ceiling lighting is a very good compromise here. Indirect ceiling lighting impresses with its pleasant light and also has a decorative aspect. You have the advantage that you can adjust the indirect ceiling lighting individually. If necessary, you can direct your lighting towards the bed, for example for reading.


Ceiling lamp
direct and indirect light bottom glass diffuser


Ceiling lamp
direct and indirect light bottom glass diffuser

Indirect ceiling lighting conjures up a stylish ambience

With the right indirect ceiling lighting, you can show off your home particularly well. This way you can underline the style of your interior. An indirect ceiling light unfolds its full effect when it is chosen to match the furniture, color and wallpaper. Indirect ceiling lighting completes the ambience of your room and creates a stylish atmosphere. But not only the light is responsible for this. It always depends on how the light source is packaged. With our stylish lights you crown the special flair of your apartment. Our indirect ceiling lighting stands for a sophisticated ambience.

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